Maca – The Peruvian Adaptogen Gaining Popularity Across the World

Submitted by Aaron Sanders on Sun, 04/19/2020 - 07:31

Peruvian people and Inca warriors have a great history and like any other region of the world, they have some peculiar, local foods. Healthy eating community has picked up Maca, Quinoa and some other local foods as the next best thing for your health. 

The popularity of Maca has been growing since late 90s across North America but during the last 10 years, Maca has become popular across Europe and even in China.

Maca is mainly of three colors: yellow, red and black. And, there is very small quantity of purple maca growing in some regions of Peru. As per Maca Expert, the production of yellow maca accounts for 60-70 percent of total production, followed by 20-25% for Red Maca and 10 percent for Black Maca.