Trump to kick off California campaign with rally in Costa Mesa

Trump to kick off California campaign with rally in Costa Mesa

Donald Trump will commence his California campaign with a rally in Costa Mesa this Thursday night before addressing the state’s Republican Convention on Friday, the frontrunner’s campaign manager Tim Clark announced.

Clark said the campaign would provide Trump with an opportunity to get into California and draw volunteers from far south and far north.

Announcing the campaign’s planned kick off in California, Clark said, “It just gives us an opportunity to get into the state and say here we are. We can draw volunteers as far south as San Diego and as far north as Los Angeles.”

Clark also confirmed that Trump will campaign in Indiana with the state’s legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight.

Fresh off sweeping victories in five Northeastern primaries, the Republican frontrunner hopes to lock up the nomination with California primary, which is scheduled for June7. Trump widened his lead over rivals after winning Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

It is worth mentioning here the above-mentioned five states collectively offered 172 delegates, while California alone awards the same number of delegates. As a result, California, the largest as well as the most populous state in the U.S., plays a very crucial role in the presidential race.