Tech firm Determine Inc. to relocate headquarters to Indiana

Determine Inc., a tech firm that is currently based in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley in San Mateo, will soon move its headquarters to Indiana.

Confirming the tech firm’s relocation to Indiana, Gov. Mike Pence said Determine Inc.’s decision was going to join what was fast becoming “Silicon Prairie.” He thanked the firm, saying its relocation would bring high-paying jobs to Indiana.

Announcing the firm’s relocation, Pence said, “Thank you for choosing Indiana to grow this publicly traded, high-tech company and create high-paying jobs right here in the heart of the heartland, or as we like to call it, the Silicon Prairie.”

Indiana will offer the California tech firm $400,000 in conditional tax credits, which would depend on the company’s plans to hire two dozen employees by 2019. It has nearly 160 associates globally, including three dozen in Indiana.

Determine Inc., which counts Kellogg's, Republic Airways, Nordstrom and Sony among its clientele, has set aside $720,191 to lease 9,000 square feet of space from Atapco at 615 W. Carmel Drive and shut down a small office that it leases at 12800 N. Meridian St. in Carmel.

Patrick Stakenas, chief executive of Determine Inc., said the firm chose Indiana because of its high-tech talent pool, low cost of living, centralized location and tax incentives. He also confirmed that the company will maintain offices in California and other locations.