Sanders’ California election campaign director quits

Sanders’ California election campaign director quits

Confirming his departure from presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ California election campaign, Michael Ceraso said his exit was “mutually” agreed upon and was the result of conflicting views on campaign strategy.

Ceraso stepped down as Sanders’ campaign state director with less than a month left in California primary, the largest primary in the United States. Announcing his departure, Ceraso revealed differences that supposedly forced him to quit. He explained that the campaign is ignoring digital and volunteer case in a state that has a strong grassroots effort.

Revealing differing views on campaign strategy said, “After March 15 the campaign started to ignore digital organizing and started focusing on TV ad buys which has led to a series of defeats. I think that in California, which has a strong grassroots effort, we should focus on digital and volunteer base.”

He added that his point of view that the campaign should focus on grassroots organizing with the help of volunteers and digital efforts was not shared by everyone in the team.

As per ad-spending data from SMG Delta, Sanders spent twice as much on TV ads as his rival candidate Hillary Clinton did, but Clinton defeated Sanders by 16 per cent.

Robert Becker, who boasts to have a wealth of experience and success on the ground in the campaign, will serve as the new director for Sanders’ California election campaign.