At least three California school districts allow staff to carry guns to work

At least three California school districts allow staff to carry guns to work

Many parents were alarmed recently when a report revealed that at least three school districts in California allow their administrators, faculty members and other staff to bring firearms to campus.

The Folsom Cordova Unified School District (FCUSD) recently confirmed that it has been allowing some staff to bring firearms to their jobs since 2010. The district’s controversial policy came to light last month when Superintendent Deborah Bettencourt sent a letter to students’ parents explaining the procedure as a safety measure.

The 20,000-student FCUSD said in a statement, “Our narrow practice of allowing select, law-abiding employees to securely store and access a firearm in the event of an emergency is a legal and appropriate safety measure given the unfortunate reality of violence in our society today.”

Many parents said they were astonished as well as shocked to learn of the school district’s policy that allows staff members to carry guns.

FCUSD is not the only district with such a controversial policy. Two other school districts, viz. the Anderson Union High School District in Shasta County and the Kingsburg Joint Union High School District near Fresno, also allow their staff to bring guns to school.

State Sen. Lois Wolk, a Democrat from Davis, recently introduced a bill that would ban non-law enforcement staff from carrying concealed firearms on campus, though district superintendents would be able to grant exceptions.