Fiorina unlikely to offer Cruz any particular home-state edge

Fiorina unlikely to offer Cruz any particular home-state edge

While Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his supporters have high expectations from his recently picked running mate Carly Fiorina, many experts and analysts believe that the former Hewlett-Packard chief is unlikely to offer the presidential candidate any particular home-state edge.

Fiorina was the California Republican Senate nominee in 2010, but she lost that race to Barbara Boxer. She quickly dismantled her political campaign machinery, but did not pay off all her debts to vendors and strategists for several years. However, she quickly reimbursed herself $1.25 million that she had loaned to the campaign.

Fiorina is still quite popular among some grass-roots California Republicans but she will likely not be able to bring new voters into Cruz’s fold.

A GOP strategist said, “The interesting question is: Isn’t Carly’s base of support a very similar one to the constituency that would support Ted Cruz? So you have to ask yourself, 'What is it she would bring to California?'”

Beth Miller, who advised Fiorina during her 2010 campaign, noted that she came out of the business community and didn’t have a political operation to speak of, beyond the one that her campaign managers had built for her.

One California Republican strategist warned it would be a mistake for the Cruz’s campaign to presume that Fiorina can provide the Texas senator a significant boost in California simply because she has run and lost in the state before.