Consequences of gas leak could lead to blackouts in Southern California

Consequences of gas leak could lead to blackouts in Southern California

Southern California households and residents could face blackouts for several days this summer as a consequence of a natural gas well blowout in 2015 that crippled a major energy supply in the region, energy officials said.

After studying the impact of the Aliso Canyon gas storage field's partial shutdown, energy officials suggested an action plan to prevent power outages but they concluded they the plan could reduce and not eliminate the risk of gas shortages this summer.

They underlined that gas shortages could be large enough to cause electricity interruptions for a large number of households and businesses in the region.

A consumers group called Consumer Watchdog criticized the newly released report. The group alleged that the report overstated the risk to the power grid by underestimating gas & electricity capacity to allow the Southern California Gas Co. to keep its Aliso well open.

The consumer group's Jamie Court said, "The assumptions delivered today are designed to spark fear meant to keep Aliso open."

The gas leak in question is said be the largest-known release of methane in the recorded history of the United States. It may be noted here that methane is one of the most potent gases responsible for the persistent problem of climate change. The leak went out of control and sickened many residents who lived nearby.