California’s redesigned web portal boasts several new features

California’s redesigned web portal boasts several new features

California has launched its redesigned, dynamic web portal that boasts an innovative look and a number of new features, including geospatial capabilities that tailor imagery as well as content based on a user’s location.

The new, redesigned portal also features reorganized presentation that emphasizes access to e-government services. On the back end, the portal has a full-service content management system.

Scott Gregory, who was involved in the project for the Department of Technology, said, “All in all, the look, the feel and experience – the notion of it being a portal instead of a flat website with links – those are some of the real highlights that have changed and moved the portal in a positive direction.”

The Government Operations Agency’s Communications Deputy Secretary Lynda Gledhill said their ultimate goal is to make the portal a ‘one-stop shop’ for users.

The state Department of Technology played a major role in the state government’s website development and content migration; while SymSoft heavily worked on the build. Redesigning and development of the portal took less than a year.

The government web portal was last redesigned and developed in 2013. The cost of the latest project was not immediately disclosed.