Calif.-based IT firm PCM expanding to Rio Rancho

Calif.-based IT firm PCM expanding to Rio Rancho

El Segundo, California-based information technology (IT) firm PCM is going to expand to Rio Rancho, giving a significant boost to local economy, Gov. Susana Martinez announced on Monday.

The governor said in new release that PCM’s expansion would create nearly 224 new jobs in Rio Rancho that would pay annually in the range of $45,000 to $65,000 each. Martinez said they had been making efforts to attract businesses to New Mexico, and they finally managed to bring a leading IT firm to their state.

Making the announcement, Martinez said, “When we went to California earlier this year, we had a clear-cut goal: letting companies know that New Mexico is open for business. And because of our efforts, we are bringing a leading IT company to our state. We are proud to welcome PCM to Rio Rancho.”

The news release also confirmed that the state would contribute $569,000 in incentives for infrastructure improvements and $700,000 toward job-training to support the IT firm’s relocation.

Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull said local government was honored by PCM’s decision to expand its business to Rio Rancho with a new sales center.

PCM, which was founded by two brothers as Creative Computers in 1987, has nearly four dozen locations in the United States, Canada, Pakistan and the Philippines. It employs roughly 3,700 people worldwide.